Frequent question: How to download quizizz enter game code?

  1. Sign up or login to your active Quizizz student account.
  2. Click on the Quizizz join page and enter the code that is shared by your teacher.
  3. Type your name in the name box.
  4. Toggle the settings if required (Music, Memes, Read aloud option, Sound effects can be enabled and disabled)

Frequent question, can I download a quiz from Quizizz? You can save the detailed performance report at the end of a quiz. Just click the Save Data button at the end of a game to download a spreadsheet file.

In this regard, how do you share a game code on Quizizz?

People ask also, how do I share my Quizizz code with students? On Quizizz, the share button allows you to share a quiz with other instructors. Sharing a quiz is different than assigning a quiz, starting a live quiz or sharing a game code or join link with your students. To do this, go into your library and select the quiz you’d like to share with an instructor.

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Similarly, how do you join quizzes on Quizizz?

Can you join a Quizizz game without an account?

Students can play on any device without logging into an account. It’s easy to start using and free for teachers, students, and parents.

How do I save quizzes quiz?

Save Quiz To save your quiz details, click the Save button [1]. To save and publish your quiz, click the Save & Publish button [2]. Clicking the Save or Save & Publish button returns you to the page where you opened the quiz.

How do I save a quiz as a PDF?

Hit CTRL-P for the Print dialog. Either select a valid printer for Destination and click the Print button OR change the Destination to either Save as PDF or Save to Google Drive (the latter will save it as a PDF) and click the Save button.

Can I print out a Quizizz quiz?

Now you can print quizzes and reports on Quizizz! Apart from class-level reports, you can also print individual student reports! All the reports are printer-friendly.

How long does a Quizizz code last?

You can set the deadline for up to 14 days from the start date (extended duration in available in Super). The game code stays active throughout this period. Once you choose the deadline, share the game code with your students so they can attempt the quiz at their own time.

How do you host a game on Quizizz as a student?

The Challenge Friends feature on Quizizz lets students host and play quizzes with their friends. All they need to do is find a quiz on Quizizz and click on the ‘Challenge Friends’ button.

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Can teachers see if you cheat on Quizizz?

Teachers can see if you switch tabs on Quizizz, but there is no way for teachers to know what you’re looking at.

How do students join a Quizizz?

Students can click on the URL and enter the class code to automatically enroll into their designated Quizizz class. Share a quiz individually – If you have to share a quiz with individual students and not the entire class, classes can help here.

How do I assign a quiz as homework on Quizizz?

  1. Find the quiz you want to host from your account and click the “Live Game” or “Assign HW” button.
  2. Once you are on the game settings page, click Select as shown in the GIF below to select the class before hosting the quiz.

How do you set homework on Quizizz?

  1. Click on the quiz that is assigned as homework.
  2. Once you have the quiz ready, click on the Assign homework option.
  3. Add the quiz’s deadline/completion date.
  4. Obtain the quiz access code and share it with students OR Assign this quiz to the correct class.
  5. Name the assignment for your students.

How do you play a game on Quizizz?

  1. Search the quiz you want to play from the join page.
  2. Either you could type the subject/topic in the search bar or scroll down to check the subjects.
  3. Select a quiz to play and then click on ‘Practice’ to play the game solo.
  4. Click on Start to play the game.
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How do you start a game on Quizizz?

  1. Click on the Start a live quiz button (there are two modes) on the left navigation pane –
  2. Click on Start once all students/participants have joined the quiz using the code.
  3. Students can click on to join the game.
  4. Once all your students are at this stage, start the quiz.

How do you link Quizizz to schoology?

How do you import questions into Quizizz?

  1. Click on the create button to start the quiz creation. Add quiz details like name, cover image etc.
  2. Click on the import button on the top right of modal and upload your Excel/CSV file. ( Make sure your file is in the correct format, details below).

How do you copy on Quizizz?

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