How to download gifs off reddit?

How do I save a GIF from Reddit?

  1. Access the Reddit website and locate the video you want to convert to GIF.
  2. Right-click on the video.
  3. Go to and click on Video to GIF.
  4. In the Video to GIF section, paste the video URL in the box and hit the Upload video button.

How do you save GIFs from Reddit on Iphone?

When you find a gif online, hold down to select it, COPY it, & PASTE it in a text message to yourself. From there you can select & save it to your phone as a gif.

How do I Download a video from Reddit to my phone?

  1. Download and install Viddit- Video Downloader for Reddit from the Play Store.
  2. Open the Reddit post with the video you want to download.
  3. Click the Share button and select Viddit from the share sheet.
  4. Please wait for it to fetch and download the video.
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How do I Download and save a GIF?

  1. Hover your cursor over the GIF, right-click on it and choose Save image as from the list of options.
  2. Decide where you want to save it and then click on the folder.
  3. Add a title and make sure the format remains the same.
  4. Click Save to complete the download.

Can you download videos from Reddit?

Go to the RedditSave website, paste the copied URL, then click on “Download.” The new page that loads displays the video’s title, a preview image, the audio status, and presents your download options. Click on “Download HD Video” or “SD Version.” Choose your download options, then click on “Save.”

Is RedditSave com safe?

Yep, what you heard is right! Sure, it’s legit. You can just tag u/savevideo in a comment of a video post and it will generate a redditsave link to download the video.

What is Reddit download bot?

Let us go through the steps to use the “u/savevideo” Reddit bot to download videos from Reddit. Open the post that contains the video you wish to download on Reddit. Comment “u/savevideo” (without the quotes) and tap the Post button.

How do I download Reddit videos on IOS?

Start by installing Slide for Reddit from the App Store. Open the app and go to the post that has the video you want to save. 2. Simply tap the Video to go full-screen and then tap the Download button on the bottom right corner.

How do I save a video from Reddit to my iPhone camera roll?

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Method 1. You can use it to download videos to your iPhone. Simply tap the video-containing post, then tap the hamburger menu(…) button in the top right corner, pick Share, and then tap Save Video from the Share Sheet. The video will be saved to your Camera roll or to the Photos app on your phone.

How do I download images from Reddit?

  1. Open the Reddit page that displays the images.
  2. Copy the address of the page to the Clipboard.
  3. Open Bulk Image Downloader.
  4. Right-click on the field named “Url of image/video gallery page” and select Paste.

Where can I download GIFs?

  1. GIPHY.
  2. Reddit.
  3. Tumblr.
  4. Gfycat.
  5. Tenor.
  6. Reaction GIFs.
  7. GIFbin.
  8. Imgur.

How do I download a GIF in Chrome?

With the Google Chrome browser, for example, this is accomplished by placing the cursor on the GIF, then right-clicking and selecting “Save image as…” from the menu that pops up. You can then choose a folder where you want to save the GIF file.

Where can I download GIFs for free?

  1. Giphy.
  2. Gifer.
  4. Reaction GIFs.
  5. Imgflip.
  6. GIFbin.
  7. Reddit.
  8. Gfycat.

How do I download Reddit bot videos?

Can you download Reddit on PC?

This is Reddit’s first ever Microsoft Store launch version! You can now enjoy Reddit as a standalone app on Windows.

How do I download Reddit app?

Open the app and find the post that has the video you wish to save. Tap the video to open the video player. You would find a Download button in the top right corner. Tap the button to save the Reddit video to your Android phone.

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How do you get sound on Reddit gifs?

If the video has sound, click the volume icon in the bottom left corner of it so that it’s on. My app (mobile, on Android, regular Reddit app) sometimes gets confused so I have an icon that’s “on” but the sound isn’t. Just tap it so it shows as “off” then back to “on”.

How can I download a video from twitter?

Open the Twitter application on your smartphone and go to the Tweet which has the video you want to save. Tap on the Share button and then select copy the link to Tweet. Now go to the Download Twitter Videos application and paste the link there. Then hit the download button at the bottom right corner of the page.

How do you use Vreddit?

How do you slide on Reddit?

  1. Get the Slide for Reddit app (r/slide_ios) from the App Store.
  2. Use the app to browse reddit.
  3. When you come across an image, gif, or video that you want to download, leave the app and launch Filza File Manager (you don’t need to close the Slide for Reddit app).

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