How to download videos on youtube premium on pc?

To download simply open the app and head to the video you want to download. Underneath the player you should see a ‘Download’ icon – tap that, pick what video quality you want to download, and that’s it.

How can I save YouTube videos to watch offline on PC?

Can you download videos in YouTube Premium?

In addition to offering ad-free videos and original content, YouTube Premium allows you to download videos to your iOS or Android phone or tablet.

How do I download YouTube videos to my laptop?

You can find all your downloads in the Downloads tab. To view your downloaded videos, you must be signed in to YouTube Go with the same Google Account you used when you first downloaded them. You can also view downloaded videos in your device gallery or file manager.

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How do I download YouTube videos with Chrome?

  1. Step 1 – Copy a link to a video.
  2. Step 2 – Paste it into input field of Chrome YouTube Downloader.
  3. Step 3 – Press “Parse Link.”
  4. Step 4 – Choose the format.
  5. Step 5 – Click the file preview using the right mouse button and select “Download”.

Where is the download button on YouTube premium?

  1. Step 1: Open YouTube application on your mobile.
  2. Step 2: Choose a video to watch on the YouTube application.
  3. Step 3: Tap on the ‘download icon’ below the video player.
  4. Step 4: Now, choose the quality of the video.

What is YouTube Go?

YouTube Go allows users to save videos for offline viewing, giving options over quality and file size so it’s clear how much data a download will use. The app also allows for local sharing with nearby users without using any data.

Why can’t I download YouTube videos on my laptop?

YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their site. You need to use a third-party service, install software, or get a YouTube subscription service to download a YouTube video.

How can I download YouTube videos to my laptop without app?

  1. YouTube Video Converter.
  2. YouTubeMP4.
  3. SaveTube.
  5. Catchvideo.
  7. Converto.
  8. YouTubNow.

How can I easily download videos from YouTube?

Is YouTube Go safe?

Users of YouTube GO will also be able to share videos phone-to-phone. This system uses Bluetooth to transfer files, but requires an internet connection for a one-time security check after the video is transferred in full. That security check is just 15kb of data on its own – basically nothing.

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Is YouTube Go removed?

On June 24, 2020, we’ll begin pre-installing the YouTube main app on Android (Go edition) devices, instead of pre-installing the YouTube Go app. We’ll also remove the YouTube Go app from the Google Play Store.

How do I unlock a downloaded YouTube video?

Simply go to right side of your page click on your account, look for WATCH HISTORY and click on it, even before it finishes searching, click backwards arrow. Then the videos will be unlocked.

Can I download YouTube videos without premium?

Can I download YouTube videos to my phone without a Premium subscription? That download feature in the YouTube app is only unlocked for Premium users, so any freeloaders can’t get involved.

Is there a lite version of YouTube?

Premium Lite includes ad-free viewing across YouTube’s main app on web, iOS, Android, smart TVs, and games consoles, as well as in the YouTube Kids app.

How many Downloads are there of YouTube?

The YouTube mobile app has over 5 billion downloads on the Google Play store. It is therefore unsurprising that YouTube’s internal figures suggest that more than 70% of all views come from mobile devices.

What if YouTube is not working?

This isn’t a very large quantity but can cause a hindrance in its normal functioning if it gets full. To clear the cache for YouTube on an android device following steps can be followed. Open settings > Apps and Notifications > Go to all apps and open YouTube > Tap storage > Tap clear cache.

Which app is suitable for downloading YouTube videos?

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VidMate App VidMate is a remarkable Android video downloader app. The app is very reliable for downloading YouTube videos. You can look for files based on different categories such as movies, music, tv shows, or directly search for any files from its Search-Bar.

How do you download and edit YouTube videos?

  1. In the “Content” section, select your video.
  2. Select “Editor” on the left.
  3. Select “Trim” above the video timeline.
  4. Drag the blue bars on either end of the timeline to trim your video.
  5. When you’re ready, hit “Save.”
  6. Move the bar to where you want the cut to begin.

Why is YouTube offline not available?

A common cause YouTube offline downloads aren’t working or playing is because the app doesn’t have permissions to your device’s storage. What is this? Basically, enabling storage permissions allows an app to store data on your device.

How do I download a video from Google to my laptop?

Downloading Using Chrome Itself If there is a direct link to the download, you can just click the link or right-click and choose “Save as.” However, in most cases for videos, you’ll need to put your mouse cursor over the video and click the download icon, which is an arrow pointing downwards to a horizontal line.

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