How to download whatsapp chat in pdf?

  1. 1] Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. 2] Click on three dots given on the top right corner.
  3. 3] Now, click on ‘Export Chat’ and select the location where you want to share/ store the generated .
  4. 4] After that, download the text (.

How do I save a WhatsApp conversation as a PDF?

Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF via Email Follow these simple steps to do it: Open WhatsApp and then locate the chat that you want to export. Click on “menu” (three dots at the top) then tap on “More”. Select “Export Chat” then choose how you want to share the TXT file that will be generated.

How do I download an entire WhatsApp conversation?

  1. Open the individual or group chat.
  2. Tap More options > More > Export chat.
  3. Choose whether to export with media or without media.

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