How to download whatsapp in play store queued?

If there are a lot of apps stuck on the download queue, clear them out by canceling the download or update option for all of them. If this doesn’t work, you can try clearing the app data by going to the settings and then finding Play Store and then tap on storage and tap on clear data.

Why my downloads are queued?

Try going to Settings>Apps, select Google Play Store, tap Storage, and Clear Cache/Clear Data, then Force Stop. Do the same for Download Manager — you probably have to tap Menu>Show System to see it. Now try again.

How do I clear my Play Store queue?

Clear Play Store app data Look for the “Show system” apps option under the three-dot menu. Once on Google Play Store app info page, select Clear Cache and Clear Data. If you’re on Marshmallow or higher Android versions, select Storage, and then clear cache and data from there.

Why is Whatsapp pending on Play Store?

One of the possible reasons why your Play Store downloads get stuck in download pending is because you have many of them already running on your device. To fix it, you can disable the installation and updates for all the apps that you don’t urgently need, and then get the app you actually really want installed.

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How do I fix Play Store not downloading apps?

  1. Check that you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
  2. Check your storage space.
  3. Check for Android system updates.
  4. Check if the app is available for your device.
  5. Uninstall & reinstall the app.
  6. Close & reopen the Play Store.
  7. Uninstall & reinstall Play Store updates.
  8. Restart your device.

How do I fix download queued on Android?

Steps to Fix Android file download queue Issue If this doesn’t work, you can try clearing the app data by going to the settings and then finding Play Store and then tap on storage and tap on clear data. Sometimes it is because the device is behaving strangely. You can try switching off your device and restarting it.

Why are my sent messages queued?

Reasons Your Email Might Be Queued You’re low on storage space – a queued email may just be a case of running out on storage space. Until your device has located extra storage space, the email will remain in queued.

How do I fix pending downloads?

  1. Check app download preference.
  2. Check your internet connection.
  3. Clear Play Store cache and storage data.
  4. Check your phone storage.
  5. Stop other downloads.
  6. Disable VPN on your Android device.
  7. Check for Android date and time issue.
  8. Download app from browser.

How do I see pending downloads on Android?

Open the Play Store on your device. Tap your Profile icon at the top right. Now, choose Manage apps & device. Tap on ‘See details’ and you’ll see all the apps that are currently in the downloading queue.

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What does queued mean on catch up?

It says queued when something else is already in the process of being downloaded. You can’t download multiple things at once, it’s one at a time. Post 3 of 4. 0.

Why WhatsApp is not downloading from Play Store?

If you’re unable to install WhatsApp due to insufficient space on your device, try to clear Google Play Store’s cache and data: Go to your device’s Settings, then tap Apps & notifications > Google Play Store > App info > Storage > CLEAR CACHE.

Why Play Store apps are not updating?

If you’re having issues downloading applications on the Play Store, and everything you’ve tried proved abortive, resetting Google Play services’ cache could set things back in order. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info (or See all apps) > Google Play services and tap Clear cache.

Why does Google Play store keep stopping?

Install the Latest Google Play For applications in our android phones to work perfectly, they need to be updated. This helps maximize the full potentials of that app. The reason why your google play services keep stopping may be because the app is not updated.

How do you fix Google Play store that went wrong?

The next best method to fix the ‘Something went wrong’ or ‘Try again’ error in the Google Play Store is to force quit and restart the app if you have good internet connectivity. Swipe up from the bottom and hold in the middle of the screen, if you’re using full-screen gestures on your Android phone.

Why cant I download an app on my Android?

Open Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all apps and navigate to the Google Play Store’s App Info page. Tap on Force Stop and check if the issue gets resolved. If not, click on Clear Cache and Clear Data, then re-open the Play Store and try the download again.

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What does queued mean on a cell phone?

When a phone has no network connection, text messages sent to it are queued and re-tried for two hours. After 2 hours of failed message attempts, the message is discarded.

What does Download Manager do Android?

The download manager is a system service that handles long-running HTTP downloads. Clients may request that a URI be downloaded to a particular destination file.

What does queued text mean?

Queuing. Text message is being setup within the queue and is not ready to be sent. Text message will appear Pending until sent.

What is queued in Gmail?

If an email is queued, that means that the email you’re trying to send is stuck in your outbox. There could be many reasons why that might happen. However, know that queued emails typically get delivered later without any issues.

How do I get queued emails to send?

  1. Refresh several times the Gmail.
  2. Clear your cache and coockies.
  3. Disable TEMPORARELY your anti-virus checker.
  4. Open private window/safe mode.
  5. Change browser to see if the issue persists.
  6. Log out and log in your account.
  7. Try to open email with labs disabled.

Why does Play Store shows download pending?

The Play Store downloads and installs the latest version of apps on your device automatically. However, the app you are trying to download may be in a queue, and hence you see the download pending error. To counter that, open the Play Store, tap on the menu icon, and select My apps and games.

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