How to download wordle on iphone without itunes?

How do I save a Wordle file to my iPhone?

  1. Tap the Share button, which is the rectangle with the arrow pointing upward.
  2. On the Share screen, look for Add to Home Screen and tap it.
  3. Tap Add and the Wordle icon will appear on your Home Screen.

Is there a Wordle app for iPhone?

The official Wordle game does not have an app for iOS. It can only be played by visiting the official Wordle website. You can obviously visit this website from any web browser on your iPhone.

Is Wordle app free on iPhone?

If you are wondering how to install Wordle on your iPhone or Android phone, then you’re in luck as we have the answer. The popular word game was acquired by the New York Times and while the paper of record moved the game to its own site, it remains a simple process to install it on any mobile phone for free.

Can you get Wordle on Apple?

Whether you are just trying it for the first time or are already a Wordle fiend, we have a quick and easy method on iOS or Android to place the game on your home screen like an app. Wordle is playable once per day and gives you six chances to guess that day’s word with color-coded hints after each guess.

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Can you download Wordle?

You can easily download the Wordle webpage in Chrome on Android.

Where do I download Wordle?

Where do I find Wordle? The game is web-based, so there’s no official app to download (although it’s not for lack of trying by a few copycats). You can play using a mobile or desktop browser; just go to

How do I add Wordle to my home screen?

Is Wordle an app or website?

Where can I play Wordle? There’s currently only one place where you can play Wordle – and that’s at the game’s official website. You can find that here. Despite the popularity of the game, Wardle has previously ruled out turning it into an app for iOS or Android phones.

Why is Wordle not on App Store?

So why can’t anyone find it on the App Store? The answer is simple. Despite a flurry of unethical chancers uploading clones of the game to the App Store, the original Wordle has no iOS or Android presence. It’s a web game that you play from your web browser.

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