How to download youtube video in opera browser pc?

Navigate to the Opera add-ons page (link in Resources). Search for “FastestTube” in the search field. Click the link for the “FastestTube — YouTube Video Downloader.” Click the green “Add to Opera” button. This extension is specifically for downloading videos from YouTube.

How do I Download videos from Opera browser to my computer?

  1. Click “play” on the video.
  2. Choose the folder you want to save the video to and click “download”.
  3. Enjoy watching the video whenever you want, even if you’re offline.

How do I Download a YouTube video to my computer browser?

  1. Download and install YTD Video Downloader.
  2. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to save, using your browser.
  3. Launch YTD Video Downloader (if it’s not already running).
  4. Copy and paste the YouTube address from your browser into YTD’s URL field.
  5. Click the Download button in YTD.

Can I Download YouTube videos to PC?

How do I download videos from YouTube to my computer? You can download videos that you’ve already uploaded. If you haven’t uploaded the video yourself, you can’t save it to a computer. You can download videos from the YouTube app to your mobile device only.

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How can I Download from YouTube?

  1. Go to the video you’d like to download on the Home tab or the search results page.
  2. Tap the video thumbnail.
  3. Select the video quality that you would like to download the video in, then tap Download.

How do I save my Opera browser settings?

  1. Open the Opera browser.
  2. Go to the About Opera page.
  3. Go to Opera’s Profile directory.
  4. Select and copy all relevant folders and files.
  5. Paste copied files in a OneDrive folder.

How can I download YouTube videos to my laptop without app?

Step 1: Go to YouTube and launch the video that you want to download. Step 2: In the video’s title, add “ss” after “www.”. Step 3: Press enter and you’ll be prompted to the “” download page. Step 4: Select the appropriate video quality and tap “Download” to save the video on your computer.

How do I download a YouTube video to my computer using Chrome?

  1. Step 1 – Copy a link to a video.
  2. Step 2 – Paste it into input field of Chrome YouTube Downloader.
  3. Step 3 – Press “Parse Link.”
  4. Step 4 – Choose the format.
  5. Step 5 – Click the file preview using the right mouse button and select “Download”.

How can I download YouTube videos without the app?

  1. Go to the Youtube video you want to download.
  2. Let the video play for at least a few seconds.
  3. Type in http://ss and then the youtube video URL:
  4. Click on the Green Download button and you’re done!

How can I download YouTube videos using SS trick?

  1. Open Youtube video. Open your video URL from YouTube that you need to download.
  2. Add “ss” before the video URL. Add “ss” before the video URL to launch the youtube video downloading process.
  3. Your download will begin in a short time.
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How do I download YouTube on my Windows 10 laptop?

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
  2. Open YouTube website.
  3. Click the Settings and more (three-dotted) button in the top-right corner.
  4. Select the Apps submenu.
  5. Click the Install YouTube option. YouTube app install Windows 10.
  6. Click the Install button.

Which is the best YouTube downloader?

  1. Download Videoder.
  2. Download Airy.
  3. Download ClipGrab.
  4. Download Gihosoft TubeGet.
  5. Download WinX YouTube Downloader.
  6. Download aTube Catcher.
  7. Download Free YouTube Downloader.
  8. Download Any Video Converter.

How do I export Opera settings and bookmarks?

  1. Launch Opera Browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the Bookmark.
  3. Click to Open Full Bookmarks view option bottom of the bookmark pane.
  4. Select Export Bookmark from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the directory or location to save the bookmark file.

How do I transfer Opera settings?

  1. Scroll down the settings panel and click “Go to browser settings”.
  2. Scroll the Opera settings page, and locate the Synchronization option, click “Sign in”.
  3. Sign in with your Opera account and password, click the Sign in button to confirm.
  4. Step5.

Where is Opera browser data stored?

Locating your files is the first step. From the menu bar, choose Opera > About Opera, or go to opera:about/ to find the exact paths for your profile and data folders. Not all files and folders listed below will be relevant for all users.

How do I download YouTube videos using VLC?

  1. Get URL from YouTube Video. Get the url while the video is played on YouTube:
  2. Extracting Info using VLC. Run VLC player, then select Open Network Stream …
  3. Playing it on Browser and Save the video file. Paste the file info into the url of browser:
  4. The File has been downloaded.

Which is the best YouTube downloader for PC?

  1. KeepVid. Let’s start off with the most basic (and one of the most popular) tools.
  2. y2mate. y2mate is another (rather simple) YouTube to MP4 converter.
  3. Videoder.
  4. Snaptube.
  5. Airy.
  6. TubeMate.
  7. 4K Video Downloader.
  8. YT Cutter.
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Is there any free YouTube downloader?

With the free built-in downloader engine, you can batch download videos, audios, playlist, “Watch later” list from YouTube and 1000+ sites. Save videos with original 4K, 1080p, 720p quality; extract audios from videos; support 3D and 360 degree video. Plus, you can convert videos, audios and DVD discs to MP4 (HEVC/H.

How do I export from Opera?

In Opera, open the bookmarks menu from the side menu bar. Click on Open full Bookmarks view in the lower part of the tab. Click on the Import/Export menu, in the same area. Choose Export.

How do I export Opera tabs?

Once you have all of your Workspaces created and all the tabs open, click on the Workspace you want to save and then right-click any one of the open tabs. From the resulting popup menu, click Save All Tabs as Speed Dial Folder (Figure A). Saving all open tabs to a Speed Dial folder is just a right-click away.

How do I Import data from Opera to Chrome?

  1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar in Google Chrome.
  2. Select Bookmarks.
  3. Select Bookmark manager.
  4. Click the Organise menu in the manager.
  5. Select Import bookmarks from HTML file.
  6. Open your saved HTML file.

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