How to download zoom app in jio keypad phone?

How do I download Zoom on my JioPhone?

While the user will not be able to download and install the Zoom app directly on the JioPhone, there is a workaround that can help users in joining Zoom meetings. The user simply needs to use the pre-loaded web browser to open Zoom’s web interface. Then, the user can simply type in the meeting ID to join a meeting.

How do I install apps on my Jio keypad phone?

Now, you need to search for Google Play Store on the browser and open the official website. When it is loaded, you need to login to the same. You will be able to see the Install button next to the Play Store icon. Click on the same to download the Play Store apps on your JioPhone.

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Why Jio is not working on Zoom?

jio could have temporary routing issues to zoom servers. if you can locate the zoom servers being connected, a ping to that server might show how reliable the connectivity is.

How do I install Google Play store on my Jio keypad phone?

  1. Go to the Jio Phone app store.
  2. Check the list of installed apps.
  3. Launch browser and visit
  4. Users should search for “Play Store.”
  5. Open the Play Store’s official website.
  6. Users must type the name of the app they want to download on the Jio Phone.

Is Zoom app available in Jio phone?

However, Jio phone users will not be able to install the Zoom app directly, as the Zoom App is only available for iOS and Android devices. Jio users can take part in online meetings through the browser on Jio Phone.

What is the shortcut button to open browser in Jio phone?

1 From Home screen, press Browser key to launch OR press the DPAD center key to launch the App menu; navigate to Browser and press DPAD center key to open it. 2 Press the LSK key to search for your website of choice.

Can we install Android apps on Jio phone?

Installing Android App in JIO Phone No, we cannot install Android apps or any other APK apps on JIO Phone. Android App require Android operating system for installation.

How do I download Play Store?

  1. On your device, go to the Apps section.
  2. Tap Google Play Store .
  3. The app will open and you can search and browse for content to download.
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What is Jio app store?

Jio Apps Store is a full-fledged software for Android users. It allows you to download a wide range of free as well as paid apps, games, music, and movies. With everything properly categorized, it’s easy to download preferred apps from the app store.

How do I install Zoom?

  1. Tap the Google Play icon.
  2. At the bottom of your screen, tap Apps.
  3. At the top right of your screen, tap the Search icon.
  4. Enter “Zoom” in the search box.
  5. Once your search results appear, tap ZOOM Cloud Meetings.
  6. Tap the Install button.
  7. Tap Accept to confirm the installation.

Why Zoom is not working on my phone?

Open the app drawer on your phone and locate the Zoom. Long-press its icon, then tap App info (or the ‘i’ button) Tap Storage (& Cache) Click on Clear cache, then tap Clear data as well to reset the Zoom app.

Why I Cannot connect to Zoom?

If your app stays in a “connecting” mode or has timed out due to Network error, please try again or Can’t connect to our service, please check your network connection and try again issues, it could be related to your network connection, network firewall settings, or web security gateway settings.

Where is the navigation button in Jio phone?

Three (3) Navigation buttons are located at the bottom of the phone screen.

What is volume button in Jio phone?

3 Press the DPAD center key to open Volume.

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How do I set speed dial on Jio?

Tapping the phone icon will take you to the phones menu screen located on the top right corner. Then tap on settings option. The setting options will take you to the call settings option. Under call settings, you will find the speed dial settings.

Which apps support Jio phones?

  1. MyJio.
  2. JioSaavn.
  3. JioTV.
  4. JioCinema.
  5. JioXpressNews.
  6. JioVideoCall.
  7. JioPay.
  8. JioGames.

Does KaiOS support APK?

KaiOS does not support Android apps. These apps need to be adapted to HTML5-based apps that can run on the KaiOS platform.

How do I install Play Store on my phone?

Where can I download app?

  1. Open Google Play. On your phone, use the Play Store app .
  2. Find an app you want.
  3. To check that the app is reliable, find out what other people say about it.
  4. When you pick an app, tap Install (for no-charge apps) or the app’s price.

How can I install Play Store in my mobile if deleted?

If you have initially installed the Google Play Store from the APK file, then you can use it to reinstall again. To download Google Play Store, go for a reliable source like After it is successfully installed, the Google Play Store will be back on your Android phone.

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