How to move pictures from phone to computer with usb cord?

  1. Turn on your phone and your laptop.
  2. Connect the small end of the USB cable to your phone.

Best answer for this question, how do I transfer photos from my phone to my laptop using a USB cord?

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. With a USB cable, connect your phone to your computer.
  3. On your phone, tap the “Charging this device via USB” notification.
  4. Under “Use USB for,” select File Transfer.
  5. A file transfer window will open on your computer.

Additionally, how do I transfer photos from my phone to my computer?

  1. Turn your phone on and unlock it. Your PC can’t find the device if the device is locked.
  2. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app.
  3. Select Import > From a connected device, then follow the instructions.

Also, what cable do I need to transfer photos from my phone to my computer? You will need to download and install “Android File Transfer” on your laptop. You will need to open “Android File Transfer”. Unlock your phone and connect it to the laptop using a compatible USB cable. You will then have to tap the “Charging this device via USB” pop-up at the bottom of your screen.

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You asked, how do I connect my phone to my computer via USB cable?

It is mostly because of hardware identification issues. Likely, there could also be problems with the connection, permission settings, or the drivers. You can easily debug those issues by changing cables or making small changes in the settings.

How do I get the pictures off my Samsung phone to my computer?

  1. 1 Download and install Android File Transfer onto your computer.
  2. 2 Open Android File transfer.
  3. 3 Open your smartphone and connect it to your computer using a Samsung USB cable.
  4. 4 A message on your phone may appear.
  5. 5 You may now need to adjust the transfer settings.

How do I get pictures off my phone?

Why won’t my pictures download from my phone to my computer?

If you’re having photo importing problems on your PC, the issue might be your camera settings. If you’re trying to import pictures from your camera, be sure to check your camera settings. According to users, if your USB connection settings are set to Auto on your camera, you won’t be able to transfer your photos.

How do I transfer photos from Android phone to Mac using USB?

How do I transfer photos from Android phone to flash drive?

  1. 1 Launch the My Files app.
  2. 2 Locate the file you would like to transfer to your USB.
  3. 3 Long press the file to select and tap on either Copy or Move.
  4. 4 Head back to the My File homepage and select USB storage 1.
  5. 5 Select the folder you would like to save the file in, then tap on Copy here.

Why my phone is not connecting to PC via USB cable?

Unlock your phone and go to Settings > System > Developer options. Right there, scroll down and look for Default USB configuration, then tap it. Now choose File Transfer or Your Android will be connected as a media device to the computer whenever it’s unlocked.

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How do I tether my Android to my computer via USB?

All you have to do is plug your charging cable into your phone, and the USB side into your laptop or PC. Then, open your phone and head to Settings. Look for the Wireless and Networks section and tap on ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’. You should then see a ‘USB tethering’ option.

Why won’t my pictures import from my Android phone to my computer?

You can’t put the blame on Windows this time. When connected to a computer via USB, practically all Android phones block your PC from importing any data by default. Fortunately, once the two devices are linked, the option to change these settings becomes available; it simply takes a bit of searching to find it.

Why won’t my iPhone photos import to my computer?

Reset Your iPhone’s Location & Privacy: On your iPhone, go to Settings » General » Reset » Reset Location & Privacy. After that, re-plug your iPhone into computer and tap Trust on iPhone. Solution 2. Check your connections and try a different computer: Try to import your photos using a different or new Apple USB cable.

How do I download pictures from my camera to Windows 10?

  1. Plug the phone or camera’s cable into your computer.
  2. Turn on your phone or camera (if it’s not already turned on) and wait for File Explorer to recognize it.
  3. Right-click your camera or phone, choose Import Pictures and Videos from the pop-up menu, and choose how to import your photos.

How do I transfer files from my Samsung Galaxy to my computer via USB?

You can use the same cable that came with your Galaxy phone. Unlock your phone, and then connect it to a computer using the USB cable. On the phone, a notification about the USB connection may appear; if needed, tap it and select the option for MTP or Transferring files.

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How do I save a picture without using storage?

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Tap your account profile photo or initial. Free up space.
  4. You’ll see how much space will be freed up.
  5. To see your photos and videos, go to or open the Google Photos app .

Where can I save my photos forever?

  1. Amazon Photos. Pros: Unlimited storage, automatic photo uploading, photo printing service.
  2. Apple iCloud. Pros: Free but limited storage, automatic photo uploading.
  3. Dropbox. Pros: Free but limited storage.
  4. Google Photos.
  5. Microsoft OneDrive.
  6. Nikon Image Space.
  7. Shutterfly.
  8. Sony PlayMemories Online.

Why photos are missing in DCIM file when phone is connecting to computer?

If the DCIM folder appears after configuring the folder settings, then the folder has hidden attributes that may need to be removed. If the folder still doesn’t appear, the folder may have been deleted.

How do I transfer photos from Android to Mac 2021?

  1. Click on the Spotlight icon.
  2. Type Image Capture in the Search bar.
  3. Click On Image Capture.
  4. On the left column in the Image Capture navigation pane, click on your Android device.
  5. Right click on the device and click Import Pictures and videos.
  6. Select the items you wish to import to your Mac.

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